The best places to gamble in the world!

If you’re looking for excitement gambling is something for you. However there are thousands of different casinos in the world spread across the globe. Maybe you just want to visit one nearby, but if you’re willing to take a trip and see what the world has to offer, this article provides a great overview of the best places to bet worldwide!

1. Las Vegas, United States

Of course Las Vegas is number one. This city has a great amount of casinos. Furthermore they have a lot of very nice hotels and nightclubs which add to the experience. If you think about gambling you immediately think of Las Vegas. Hollywood has played a huge role in creating this association. A lot of famous movies are set in Las Vegas. For example, The Hangover was such a huge success because it had the gambling environment of Las Vegas as its background. Hollywood also played a part in creating the over-the-top and glamorous image of Las Vegas. This ‘vibe’ attracts millions of gamblers every year, and is one of the reasons you should visit if you’re looking to play some poker or blackjack!

2. Macau, China

It maybe comes as a surprise, but the gambling industries doesn’t differ that much from other industries. What do I mean with that statement? The Chinese are taking over. Just like in other businesses, the Chinese are now number one.  Las Vegas is no longer the gambling capital of the world, Macau is. It’s not a surprise since it’s the only area in China were gambling is allowed. A country of more than a billion people, of which a huge part is quite fond of gambling. Macau offers 1,760 slot machines and the bets that are placed are the highest in the word! However it’s still doesn’t have the worldwide appeal and glamorous image that Las Vegas has. Check Gamble on Casino Slots

3. Atlantic City, United States

If you’re on holiday in the United States and you’re visiting the east coast, or if you’re living there, you should definitely go to Atlantic City. This is a small city located near the sea in the state of New Jersey, close to New York. It was named the best gambling destination in the world in 2015, and it offers some great entertainment shows and restaurants, besides of course games like craps, baccarat and roulette.

4. London, England

Are you living in Europe and don’t want to fly all the way to the United States or China? You should visit London. Here you have plenty of casinos including fancy, famous establishments like The Ritz Club. There are also smaller ones, who offer a more casual atmosphere. You can combine a visit to the casinos games with a trip to some of the spectacular night clubs. Or maybe visit a soccer match of one of the famous football clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal or Tottenham Hotspurs. While you’re at it, place a bet on the outcome of the game. Sports bedding is also hugely popular in the United Kingdom.

5. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Do you want a classy and sophisticated gambling experience? Monte Carlo is the place to be.  If even James Bond likes to go there, why should you not like it? The city also has a nice climate and is located near the beautiful Mediterranean sea. So, it’s an excellent place to play a game of poker while enjoying the sun. 

6. Aruba 

If you want an even sunnier experience, visit Aruba. It has beautiful beaches, and a nice aqua blue sea. Besides that it’s also called the ‘Las Vegas of the Caribbean’, because it offers a great amount of casinos. Some of the famous casinos are the Casablanca, the Copacabana and the Crystal Casino. Playing some baccarat or blackjack in the Caribbean sun, how cool is that?

7. Your own home!

This location could also be number one, it all depends on your personal taste. However, we can all agree that playing from the comfort of your one home is pretty comfortable. You don’t have to fly all across the globe. Just sit on the couch, open your laptop or mobile phone and start gambling! There are a lot of different online casinos so take a good look at bonuses and odds when you decide to play. Also, a lot of websites offer sports betting alongside games like roulette and craps. My advice, go check it out!

Gambling in Canada

Since online gambling in Canada is fully legal, popularity has grown very fast. At you can find the best Canadian online casinos in a top 10 list. Also the newest casino games and guides are published to help you out.