Why is blackjack so popular?

There are a lot of different games that you can play in a casino. However, some are more popular than others. Blackjack is one of the most popular games. You can play this game in almost every casino worldwide. The past years, betting online has become increasingly popular. It all started with sports betting. However, today casino games like blackjack are also very popular on the internet. It seems strange, in a time that you can play advanced video games like Call of Duty, which cost billions of dollars to develop, a simple card game is still so popular. What are the reasons that blackjack is so popular?

A little history

To truly appreciate the popularity of blackjack it’s important to know a little bit about the history of the game. It’s still unclear who invented the game, still researchers think that blackjack originated in France around 1700. It is certain that people played the game during the reign of King Louis XV, especially the people at the royal court.

Some people claim that the romans already played blackjack, however this has never been confirmed. According to some the romans played blackjack using wooden blocks instead of cards. What we do know for sure is that French colonist helped to spread the game. When they arrived in North America, they brought blackjack with them. Since this moment the game and its rules constantly evolved. It was also not even called blackjack. Where did this name originate? In Nevada in the 20th century, casinos were trying their best to attract new customers. One way was to give a bonus when a blackjack (a jack of clubs or spades) was dealt together with an ace of spades. This bonus ceased to exist; however the name did stick. Blackjack has been around for ages, so it’s even more remarkable that the game is still so popular. Why is that?

Blackjack and the low house edge

Casinos want to make money, just like any other business. As a result, in almost every game you play the house (the casino) has an edge over the player. How much, this depends. With regard to blackjack, the house has only a small edge. This means that a player has a better change of winning. Of course, you gamble to make money, everybody likes it when the changes of winning are higher. This is one of the reasons why blackjack is so popular, and people will never stop playing it.

Blackjack is a really simple game

Blackjack is not difficult to understand. This means that everybody can play it. Even when you have never visited a casino before, you can understand the rules of the game. This is one of the reasons why many people start playing blackjack. They keep playing it because it’s so interesting and exciting. Although it is simple to play, this doesn’t mean that it’s not challenging. If you want to become really successful, it’s important that you study advanced tactics. So, if you like to be challenged, blackjack is also suited to your preferences. You can play blackjack for years and still improve your game.

There are constant basic rules

Some popular table games have rules that are changing constantly. Also, some games are played differently in different cities, countries and regions. This can be quite annoying. You constantly have to learn new rules, tactics and strategies. Furthermore, when you go on a holiday you are not sure that they are playing exactly the same game when you visit a casino. With blackjack you will not experience these kinds of problems. Blackjack stays very consistent; you can play this game everywhere around the world. 

You can play blackjack at any time

Because blackjack is so popular, you can play it at every time of the day. There is always a table you can find to play at. We are talking about online blackjack of course. However, live casinos also offer many blackjack tables at different times during the day. It’s naturally very nice when you can play one of your favorite games at exactly the moment that you want to play it.

The social interaction

Some people play only because they enjoy the game, however, others are also quite fond of the social interaction. This is only the case when you play in a live casino. You always have the dealer you can talk with, but there are also often other players at your table. Everybody at the table wants to beat the dealer which makes it a fun game, and helps you to connect with other players. Everybody has the same goal, which is always good. Shared experiences makes it easier for someone to bond with other people.

There is also skill involved

Blackjack can be compared to poker. In both games skill is involved. If you are a better player, you have more chances of winning. There are also differences. With blackjack you play against the dealer, with poker you play against other players. However, because of the skill element that is involved in the game, blackjack is really popular. A lot of players like to have control, and to have the feeling that they can change the outcome. They don’t want to be just lucky; they also want to feel like they are lucky because of their own actions. Blackjack gives you this opportunity. Although, you have to be careful; maybe it’s just an illusion, and you are winning not because of great skill but because of good fortune.

Blackjack is popular all across the globe!

Another reason why blackjack is so popular; you can play it almost anywhere across the globe. So, if you are on a holiday you can walk into a casino and be sure to find some blackjack tables!

So now you know why blackjack is so popular. Are you enthusiastic yet? If you want to play, there are a lot of casino website where you can give it a try!

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